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The Center for Digital Experience (CDX) advances approaches to improve the engagement of patrons, shoppers, travellers, staff and students through digital media messaging, interactivity and experiences by providing professional networking and information that empowers the creation, planning, funding, supply, operations and optimization. As an industry development program CDX is not an association or a conference producer, but seeks to amplify, complement and augment approaches provided by others in advancing the application of digital experiences.

Brands are wrestling with omnichannel planning and implementation, while seeking to improve the mobile, online and on-location experience. Meanwhile, digital technologies can provide personalized and adaptive engagement that is relevant to the consumer and the brand objectives.

Every time customers are exposed to an improved shopping experience, their shopping expectations are reset to a new higher level. The need for experience-based approaches is continually advancing, as are enabling technologies.

The Center for Digital Experience advances capabilities, initiatives and best practices by providing:

  • Professional networking at events and introductions.

  • Information as published research, reports, whitepapers and case studies.

  • Education in live, webinar and workshop formats.

  • Links to providers of digital experience elements.

CDX, as a non-profit digital experience development program seeks to collaborate with organizations focused on end user success. Contact us.

Lyle Bunn

CDX was founded by Lyle Bunn (Ph.D. Hon) who serves as Chair. He has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to influencing investment, best practices and innovation in digital experiences. Lyle is a widely-recognized analyst, advisor and educator in the dynamic place-based media industry. 

Over the past 15 years he has published almost 400 articles, white papers and guides that have advanced the use of the medium. He has directly assisted hundreds of brands in retail, food services, banking, hospitality, entertainment, health care and education to plan, execute and optimize digital experiences. He has carried the message of media-enabled engagement to over 10,000 professionals in live and webinar presentations. Lyle Bunn contributes to the advisory boards of media industry events, serves as judge on several award programs and contributes as a member of the RetailWire Braintrust. He has been named as one of the 11 Most Influential People in Digital Signage by DigitalSignageToday, one of the Top 50 Influencers and Innovators by Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine and in 2005 was the only individual named in the Top 10 Digital Signage List by Digital Signage Forum among corporations such as Intel, 3M, Clear Channel and others. Lyle Bunn is a champion, advocate and energetic influencer for digital media application, investment and innovation.   See www.LyleBunn.com  

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The work of the Center for Digital Experiences acknowledges the support of the following organizations. CDX is supported by end user and supply organizations as sponsors, supporters and contributors. Please contact us for information about how your organization can contribute and benefit.

Reflect is a full-service provider of digital brand media solutions to help companies maximize sales and strengthen brand loyalty, while enhancing the experience. Our mission is to empower consumer-facing companies to positively impact sales and brand equity with engaging digital brand media solutions. See Reflect.

Cineplex Digital Media is a fully integrated digital merchandising provider with 20 years of research, development and design experience. Cineplex Digital Media provides strategically designed installations and customized creative that enable brands to effectively communicate with audiences in ways they never imagined. Using state-of-the-art technology, Cineplex has deployed some of the world’s largest and most complex digital merchandising networks. See Cineplex.

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions serves commercial display customers in the U.S. lodging and hospitality, digital signage, systems integration, healthcare, education, government and industrial markets. Based in Lincolnshire, Ill., with its dedicated engineering and customer support team, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions delivers business-to-business technology solutions tailored to the particular needs of business environments. LG Electronics USA Inc., based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics Inc., a $48 billion global force in consumer electronics, mobile communications, home appliances and air solutions. See www.LGSolutions.com.

 STRATACACHE, Inc. is the leading provider of intelligent digital signage, digital merchandising, mobile enablement, and rich media customer engagement at retail. These solutions help influence customers at the point-of-decision, generating new sales opportunities and enhanced retail profitability. With over 2 million software activations globally across multiple platforms, we have the deepest footprint in the market and consistently enhance our offerings to better serve our customers. STRATACACHE is based in Dayton, Ohio, and serves 28 countries with offices in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Bentonville, Dallas, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, London, Oslo, Sittard, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Adelaide, Luxembourg and Bangalore. Learn more about STRATACACHE and its family of companies – Scala, PRN, Carmanah Signs, Optika, SuperLumin, enVu, RDM – www.stratacache.com


Shikatani Lacroix is a multidisciplinary branding and design firm that works across industries delivering an interconnected suite of expertise including retail, packaging and digital design. The launch of its new digital innovation lab demonstrates Shikatani Lacroix’s commitment to designing immersive branded experiences that emotionally connect with consumers. www.sld.com.